Hamoye Data Science Cohort, Organised by Hamoye an ed-tech and talent development company with operations in the United States of America(USA), Bermuda, and Nigeria.

Back in July 2020, I joined the Hamoye Data Science Cohort, as a Data Science Intern. It was never a normal Internship, gradually with stages, the competition got tougher and tougher at each stage. We started with around 2100 interns from all around the globe. So it began with a bang with a Virtual Party on 4th July 2020, it was actually so fun, new people unique stories, and versatile backgrounds.

Determining a movie’s genre from the crew job roles using Natural Language Processing, and exploring the factors that lead to a successful movie.

Project Website: Movie Analysis Website

From the Website of the Project


Movies are arguably the highest form of art. These media creations usually leave trails of questions and imaginations in the minds of viewers who consciously or unconsciously try to fathom all that goes on “under the hood” and “beyond the big screen”. The movie industry is a multi-billion-dollar business, and this is partially due to the fact that lots of movies are being released every year. Each one of these movies has different budgets, names, cast, and crews, but all have a common goal ­– to make a profit. …

In this period of Covid19 , when everyone thinks about what to do next ? The only solution that we can get in a logical way is through Data Science! Back in 2016 when I started my college. I got to know about Data Science and the term “Data Scientist” , trust me it wasn’t as famous as now . I always tried to work it out by every means possible . But till then it wasn’t clear to me , as there were so many varied opinions from various resources.

But in 2020, its just a click away to…

Shivam Rathore

Data Science Practitioner and Machine Learning Enthusiast

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